See Me Running

See Me Running - good known belorussian unsigned band with a hard breaks sound - as a musical project appeared in 1997. Stan Zhuravsky, known also as DJ Stanny Tape, is a founder of the group. At different times different people enters the complement of See Me Running, the stylistic colouring of music changes accordingly.

Today the band works in the big range of styles. Some critics name the See Me Running sound Dark Electro, some Big Beat & Rocktronika. Some persons even call it Gothic Break Beat. See Me Running has hard underground sound, powerful beats and psychodelic synthesizers, together with guitar reefs & solos. The band easily collaborates with the representatives of all other musical styles. As a result of such work is the release in 2007 the second promo CD Remixed with the remixes made by SMR for musicians from Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Ukraine, USA, Great Britain.
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